Crystal Clear Connections When Calling Long Distance

NECC is a long-distance carrier that offers domestic and international phone services in U.S. and Canada. Our telecommunications lines are hand-selected to deliver the clearest call connections in the industry. Our customers can make crystal-clear calls from their home phone or mobile phone.

Low All-Inclusive International Call Rates

No taxes, fees or hidden charges on your invoice – just one simple, low rate per destination. Select your calling destination from our All-Inclusive Rates Page, and the listed price is final.

Unmatched Customer Care

Everything we do acknowledges the needs of our valued customers. Our team of multilingual specialists are always here to help you in your native language. Call, email or Live Chat to get immediate answers to all of your questions.

Simplified Billing

We want your entire calling experience to be as simple as possible. So every step, from selecting an all-inclusive rate to receiving your invoice, is designed to be stress-free. That's why our invoices are so easy to read and understand. See for yourself – view a sample bill now.

NECC In the News

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